Canada Geese

What is the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1916?  The short answer is that the Migratory Bird Treaty Act was drafted and put in place to preserve and protect certain species of migratory birds. A more complete answer can be found at

What and where are the migratory flyways?  For a comprehensive answer with mapping please visit

How much feces does a goose produce daily?  The average adult Canada goose produces 1-2 pounds of manure each day.

Do Canada geese really mate for life?  Yes they do. However, should something happen to one of the mated pair the remaining goose will find another mate.

Are Canada geese ever aggressive?  Canada geese are typically aggressive during two times of the year. Early Spring during nesting time and late Spring while the goslings are still young.

What is molt?  Molting is when the adult geese shed and replace their primary wing feathers. This renders them flightless for approximately eight weeks. The beginning and end time for molt is staggered from flock to flock.

What is non-lethal Canada goose management?  Non-lethal Canada goose management involves any technique that does not involve harming or killing the geese in any way. Examples of non-lethal techniques include; moving the geese with Border Collies, applying goose repellent, habitat modification, scare tactics and egg addling (oiling).

What is egg addling (oiling)?  Egg addling or oiling involves utilizing one of a variety of techniques that disrupts the development of egg embryo.

How long do Canada Geese live?  The maximum lifespan of a Canada Goose is approximately 28 years.