The Windchazer Team has successfully provided humane, non-conflict, community, and building friendly Canada Goose management with expertise for more than two decades.  We’ve accomplished this with random visits with trained Border Collies at appropriate times in order to deceive the geese into assuming that the Border Collie is always present and may appear at any given time.

Our team is made up of an incredible group of people and dogs. We put great care into our hiring because our K-9s put a lot of trust in their handler. We’re not just hiring a person, we are team building a solid bond between a K-9(s) and their handler.

You can be sure that working with us is not like working at most other places. Windchazer recognizes each employee and canine is a valuable asset to the company. Working as part of this team means making a commitment to learning about your canine, Canada Geese, and excellent service.

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