Geese Management Services

Canada Goose Management Comparison

When implementing a Canada goose management program it is important to take your current clean-up expenses into consideration. These costs coupled with the intangible damage caused by nuisance geese present a clear comparison for use in justifying funding for such a unique program.

Present Condition Goose Management Program
Exterior Area Clean-up

  • Equipment (i.e. Power washing)
  • Man hours (Sweeping, washing, etc.)
  • Administration
  • Payroll tax
Windchazer Services
Alleviate All Concerns

  • Carpet cleaning/replacement
Grounds Maintenance

  • Reseeding/resodding
  • Replanting
  • Man hours
  • Administration
  • Payroll tax
Loss of Public Use Areas

  • Jogging/Walking Trails
  • Picnic/Party Areas
Reclaim use of jogging and walking trails!

Enjoy party and picnic areas again!

Overall Appearance of Site

  • Staff and guests are hampered by the constant presence of goose feces on sidewalks and turf.
Staff and guests walk along sidewalks and in grass without worry!
Risk Management

  • During pairing and nesting times the geese do become extremely territorial even towards humans. There are several active lawsuits throughout the United States concerning injuries inflicted by Canada geese.
Insure that staff and guests never encounter an aggressive goose.
Water Quality

  • Ponds and shorelines are denuded of vegetation and littered with feces.
Ponds and shorelines possess the attractive qualities they were designed to provide.